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Our History and what we’re hearing from local & regional artists

We’ve been doing this since the early-90s. It’s only been recently that we’ve opened our doors to the public for Premium Online Mastering Services. For years, we’ve helped a select group of artists around the country master their music. Simply put, we were a private studio for hire on a referral basis only.

However one piece of recurring feedback was clear from a wide array of artists we talk to:

There just isn’t a high-quality Mastering Studio for the artist that doesn’t have a big budget – and the free mastering sites don’t do the music justice.

Plus, this music is distributed digitally and has to conform to certain standards while maintaining the artist’s vision.  Again the free sites just plant an algorithm on top of your music!

Pindrop Studios is committed to helping next gen artists get premium online music mastering services without spending mountains of money in the process.
It’s About the Artist First, then the Mastering

We’ve built our business by respecting every artist and their work.  We’ll take the time to listen to your music many times on different systems to hear the nuances of your song, how it’s structured and how it comes through sonically on different systems.  Check out samples here!

Then we begin our proven Mastering process. We’ll listen to before and after versions of your song on different systems and continue to fine tune until it is ready for online distribution while keeping the fidelity and spirit of your music alive!

We know what it takes to get your music ready for the world to hear on all platforms and systems – including iTunes and Spotify.

Mastering your songs is an important part and the final step before the world hears your music. At Pindrop Studios we take your music as seriously as you do!

-Bob, Pindrop Studios